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Alessio was born in Florence in 1985. He studied business and hospitality at the University of Florence. Due to the great flexibility of his University course, he could make his dream to travel the world come true. In 2009 after a trip to South Africa he decided to follow his passion and get a Technical Director qualification, which is mandatory to open a travel agency here in Italy. The circumstances brought him to meet Keith and Andy who founded Tuscany Bike Tours in 2007.
After a couple of months of working for Tuscany Bike Tours, they gave him the nickname chatter box because of his great loquacity, his customer care skills and his passion for meeting people from around the world.
In 2014, his friend Filippo, joined him as co-owner of Active Tours Italy SRL. Alessio has always been an adrenalin seeker and a sport addict. After several years of surfing adventures around the globe, he had to stop due to his increasing commitments in the business and to his long-distance relationship with his girlfriend Lisa, who lives in Switzerland. Just a year ago, they became parents of a restless baby, Cosimo. Now you can find Alessio running and cycling all over Florence, the woods, and the Swiss mountains when he is not enjoying taking his guests around Tuscany.

Filippo is co-owner of Active Tours Italy Srl, a company that provides Tuscany Bike Tours and Tuscany Vespa Tours. Filippo graduated in Business Administration in 2011. Since he was a child, he has had a passion for sports: soccer, basketball, swimming, cycling and running. He is still playing soccer as a goalie for a local team in Florence. During university, he studied abroad in London and he loved his experience. Since then travelling has become one of his most passionate hobbies. After graduating, he was an auditor for Deloitte and a merchandising planner for Prada. Although, he doesn’t have a passion for clothes and fashion, as majority of his wardrobe is quite dated, he is grateful for the experience. Alessio is one of his best friends and in 2014 Filippo joined him as co-owner of Tuscany Bike Tours. Just before starting this new adventure he spent 6 months travelling and working in Australia. Food and wine are also very important in Filippo’s life. Now Filippo is married to Kelly, an American woman from Kansas City. Some of Filippo’s favorite meals are American barbecue (Kansas City barbecue is the best) and Fettuccini Alfredo (Just kidding! They don’t exist in Italy). Let’s say that a truffle steak with some porcini mushrooms and a bottle of Barolo are more what he enjoys. Filippo can’t wait to take you on one of the tours and show you around Tuscany.

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