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This Privacy Policy of ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L. has been updated as per EU Regulation
Your personal data is important to ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L., we have therefore developed
a Privacy Policy to regulate the ways in which we gather, use, transfer and archive or store your
personal data.
Collection and use of personal data
Personal data is any information which can be used to identify or contact a specific individual.
You may be asked to provide your personal data any time you come into contact with ACTIVE TOURS
ITALY S.R.L., which may, in turn, share this data and use it in accordance with this Privacy Policy. It may
also combine them with other data to provide and improve products, services, content and advertising
materials. You are not required to provide the personal data requested by us; however, if you decide not to
supply them, in many cases we will not be able to offer you our products or services or answer your
Here are some types of personal data that ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L. might collect along with their
related uses:
Types of personal data we collect  When you navigate on our sites: www.tuscany-biketours.com and/or www.tuscanyvespatours.com
we can collect data including name, address, telephone number, email address, contact
preferences, device identification codes, IP address, location information and credit card data.  ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L. will use this information to meet your requests, provide you
with the products or services relevant to your needs, to manage reservations or according to legal
How we use your personal data
We may process your personal data for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy with your consent, for
compliance with legal obligations to which ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L. is subject, or if we deem
it necessary for legitimate interests pursued by ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L. or by third parties to
whom it is necessary to provide the data.  The personal data we collect allows us to keep you updated on the latest product announcements of
ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L., and any upcoming events. If you don't want to be included in
our mailing list, you can unsubscribe at any time in the specific section.  We also use personal data to develop, supply and improve our products, services, content and
advertising materials, as well as to prevent losses and fraud. In addition, we can use them to ensure
network and account security, as well as to protect our services for the benefit of all our users. Your
data will be used for anti-fraud purposes if it is required whilst conducting an online transaction with
us. We limit our use of data for anti-fraud purposes to what is strictly necessary and within the
recognized limits of our legitimate interests to protect our customers and services. For some online
transactions we may also check the information you will provide us by consulting publicly
accessible sources.  Personal data, including the date of birth, can be used to verify identity, facilitate user identification
and determine what the appropriate services are.  We may periodically use your personal data to send important information, such as communications
relating to the services offered, as well as our conditions and policies. Since this data is important
for your interaction with ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L., it is not possible to opt out of these
communications.  We can also use personal data for internal purposes, for checks, data analysis and research to
improve the products, services and communications with customers of ACTIVE TOURS ITALY
S.R.L.. Your personal data collected from other sources
ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L. may receive your personal data from other people who have shared their
content with you using products ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L.. Collection and use of non-personal data
We also collect data that we can use, transfer and communicate for commercial purposes. The following are
some examples of non-personal data collected by us and its use:  We may collect data on profession, language, postal code, telephone code, unique device
identification code, reference URL, in order to better understand customer behavior and improve
our products, services and advertising materials.  We may collect data about customer activities on our website and from our other products and
services. This data is aggregated and used to help us provide more useful information to our
customers and to understand which parts of our website and our products and services are of most
interest. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, aggregated data is considered non-personal
information.  We may collect and store details relating to the use that users make of our services, including
searches. This information can be used to improve the relevance of the results provided by our
Disclosure to third parties
ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L. may periodically make certain personal data available to strategic
partners that collaborate with ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L. to supply products and services or that
help ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L. in selling to customers. Personal data will be shared by ACTIVE
TOURS ITALY S.R.L. only to provide or improve its products, services and advertising materials; they
will not be shared with third parties for the commercial purposes of the latter.
It may be necessary for ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L. (by law, legal proceedings, litigation and / or
requests from public and governmental authorities within or outside your country of residence) to disclose
your personal data. We may also disclose your data if we believe that, for national security purposes,
compliance with the law or other matters of public importance, it is necessary or appropriate to do so.
We may disclose your data if we believe that disclosure is reasonably necessary to apply our terms and
conditions or to protect our activities or users. Furthermore, in the event of reorganization, merger or sale,
we may transfer all the personal data we have collected to third parties affected by these operations.
Protection of personal data
ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L. takes care of the security of your personal data. For the storage of
personal data by ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L. information systems with limited access are used,
located in structures that adopt physical security measures. The data is stored in encrypted form, even in
cases where we use third-party storage solutions.
Automated decision-making procedures, including profiling
ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L. does not make any decision regarding the use of algorithms or profiling
that affects you significantly.
Integrity and retention of personal data
ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L. facilitates the storage of your personal data in an accurate, complete and
up-to-date manner. We will retain your personal data only for as long as is necessary for the purposes
outlined in this Privacy Policy. In deciding the duration of these periods, we carefully evaluate the need to
collect personal data and if we believe it to be crucial, it will be kept only for the shortest possible period
necessary to achieve the purpose of collection, unless a longer retention period is required by law.
Access to personal data
You can help ensure that your preferences and contact details are accurate, complete and updated by visiting
the sites: www.tuscany-biketours.com and www.tuscany-vespatours.com. We will guarantee access
to other personal data we keep and we can, if requested, provide you with a copy so that you may, for
example: request a correction of the data if it is deemed to be inaccurate or delete it if ACTIVE
TOURS ITALY S.R.L. is not required to keep it in accordance with the law or for legitimate
commercial purposes. We may refuse to respond to requests that are trivial/harassing, damage the
privacy of others, are extremely difficult to satisfy or where access to data is not covered by local
law. ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L. may also refuse to satisfy requests for deletion or access to
data if it believes that fulfilling this request is contrary to the legitimate use of the data for anti-fraud
purposes and to guarantee security, as described above.
Third party websites and services
The websites, products, applications and services of ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L. may contain links
to third party websites, products and services.
The data collected by third parties, which may include information on the geographical or contact position,
are regulated by the respective privacy policies. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of these
third parties.
Our corporate commitment to your privacy
To ensure that your personal data is secure, we communicate our privacy and security guidelines to all
employees of ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L. and we rigorously apply privacy security measures within
the company.
Questions regarding privacy
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Privacy Policy of ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L.
or regarding the processing of data, or if you wish to contact the Data Protection Officer ACTIVE TOURS
ITALY S.R.L. or would like to submit a complaint for a possible violation of local laws for the protection
of privacy, we invite you to send your request to ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L., at the email address
ACTIVE TOURS ITALY S.R.L. may periodically update the Privacy Policy. In case of substantial
changes, a notice will be published on our website, together with the updated Privacy Policy.

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In accordance with Art. 13 of the EU Regulation n. 2016/679 (GDPR - law related to the protection of personal data) the data controller hereby informs you that processing of your personal data shall be carried out.